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Transform Your Content Creation With AI

Manage, Create & Publish Legally Compliant User Manuals, Reports, Labels & more

High Costs for Professional Documentation

Manual content creation requires specialized resources and time, leading to high costs. Quality documentation needs rare specialists, inflating operational budgets. Scaling the documentation process efficiently is challenging.

Long Leadtime & Shipment Delays

Manual updates to documentation can cause significant delays, especially when dependent on test lab results or last-minute product changes. These delays can disrupt the overall workflow, impacting product launches and updates. The traditional process lacks the flexibility and speed needed to keep up with fast-paced market demands, often resulting in outdated or incomplete documentation at critical times.

Cost Reduction through AI Automation

Pergamon reduces costs by up to 70% with AI-enhanced smart automation. The system enables non-specialists to create user manuals, significantly lowering labor costs. By automating many repetitive tasks, Pergamon reduces the need for extensive human intervention and minimizes errors, leading to substantial cost savings.

High Efficiency with Fast Document Creation

Pergamon speeds up document creation and updates by 70% with intelligent automation and real-time updates. Manuals can be written and updated even while products are in transit. This reduces production time and enhances overall efficiency.

Complex Compliance Checks

Ensuring regulatory compliance manually is both complex and time-consuming. Subject matter experts must meticulously review each document to verify adherence to various legal standards and guidelines, such as the EU’s Machine Directive or EN 82079. This process is prone to human error and inefficiencies, increasing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal repercussions.

Time-Consuming Reviews

Quality control teams and testing labs spend excessive amounts of time reviewing manuals to ensure they meet industry standards. This exhaustive review process slows down the documentation workflow and increases operational costs. Maintaining high-quality standards is essential, but the traditional methods of quality review are inefficient and resource-intensive.

Simplify Compliance

Pergamon ensures compliance with standardized, centralized, and approved content that simplifies regulatory compliance. The system continuously monitors and updates documentation to adhere to the latest legal standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties, and providing regulatory assurance.

Efficient Quality Control

Pergamon cuts review time significantly by using pre-approved, standardized content. This streamlines the quality control process, reducing the burden on quality teams and testing labs, and ensuring that documentation meets high standards without extensive manual reviews.

Poor Data Storage and Version Control

Inefficient data management practices, including poor storage and version control, can complicate brand updates and market expansion efforts. Fragmented data and multiple document versions make it difficult to ensure consistency and accuracy. This can hinder effective brand management and create challenges in maintaining up-to-date documentation across all markets.

Brand Updates and Format Changes

Updating branding and document formats manually is a time-consuming and expensive process. Each change requires meticulous adjustments to ensure consistency and alignment with brand guidelines. This can slow down the introduction of new branding initiatives and make it difficult to keep documentation visually consistent and up-to-date.

Centralized Data Management

Pergamon improves data management by keeping everything up-to-date and storing all content in one place. Poor data storage and version control make brand updates and market expansion difficult. Pergamon's centralized system ensures all documentation is consistently updated and easily accessible, simplifying audits and enhancing operational transparency.

Easy Brand Updates with Template Library

Pergamon saves time and money with ready-to-use templates and easy format changes. The system streamlines the process of updating documents to reflect new branding guidelines or format requirements, ensuring consistency across all materials and reducing the effort required to implement changes.

Expanding to New Markets

Expanding documentation to new markets requires extensive compliance reviews and localization efforts. Each new market may have unique regulatory requirements and language preferences that need to be addressed. The traditional process of adapting manuals for different regions is complex, time-consuming, and often requires specialized resources, making market expansion a challenging endeavor.

Non-Compliance Affecting Marketability

Products risk being removed from markets or rejected for import due to non-compliance with legal standards. This can result in significant financial losses and damage to the company's reputation. Ensuring that all documentation meets regulatory requirements is crucial to maintain marketability and avoid disruptions in product distribution.

Quick Market Expansion and Localization

Pergamon simplifies market expansion by supporting multiple languages and easy compliance updates. The platform automatically translates and adapts content to meet regional regulatory and cultural requirements, ensuring documentation is compliant and ready for new regions.

Automated Compliance Management

Pergamon ensures compliance with standardized, centralized, and approved content. The automated system continuously updates documentation to meet the latest regulatory standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

High Paper Costs & Eco-Regulations

Traditional documentation methods heavily rely on paper, contributing to increased product costs and environmental concerns. With growing pressure on retailers to reduce carbon emissions and adhere to sustainability practices, the high paper usage of manual documentation is becoming increasingly untenable. Companies are facing mandates to adopt greener practices, making the shift to digital solutions not only beneficial but necessary.

Low Customer Satisfaction

Consumers often find traditional user manuals difficult to read, easy to lose, or hard to understand, leading to dissatisfaction. This can result in costly product returns, negative reviews, and low product ratings. Ensuring that customers have access to clear, accessible, and understandable documentation is crucial for maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Promote Sustainability with Digital Solutions

Pergamon cuts paper usage by 70% with efficient digital solutions, reducing costs and environmental impact. The platform enables the creation of digital manuals, providing short Quick Start Guides (QSG) for print and comprehensive online user manuals, aligning with sustainability goals and reducing carbon emissions.

High Customer Satisfaction with Chatbots

Pergamon enhances customer satisfaction by providing digital, interactive, and easily searchable manuals. Customers can access manuals in print or online formats, or use the Pergamon AI Chatbot for instant guidance via text, speech, or vision, improving the user experience and reducing product returns.

Empowering Efficiency and Innovation

Significant Cost Savings


Faster Document Creation


Enhanced Compliance


Superior Customer Experience


Sustainable Documentation Practices


Effortless Market Expansion


Achieve Digital Transformation and Sustainability Targets with our AI Expert System Pergamon

At Pergamon, we understand the challenges of manual, inefficient, and costly content management. Our platform, developed by seasoned professionals, revolutionizes these processes.

We are your partner in digital transformation. Pergamon automates complex tasks, ensures regulatory compliance, reduces costs, and speeds up document creation, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Our pursuit of excellence sets industry standards, offering tools that save costs, enhance efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction. Pergamon supports sustainable practices and ensures market readiness across multiple regions.

Embrace the Pergamon experience and let our expertise give you a competitive edge.

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Unlock Your Business's Full Potential with

Pergamon's Comprehensive Digital Suite

Pioneering Progress


Pages Transformed

Traditional documentation revolutionized into dynamic, interactive content.


Custom Templates

Layouts adapt to diverse client needs and brand CI guidelines


Paper Reduction

Significant cut in paper usage, driving greener business practices.


Faster Production

Content creation speed boosted, enabling quicker market delivery.


Engagement Improvement

Enhanced content effectiveness and user satisfaction through advanced analytics.


Standards Complied

Global regulatory compliance maintained, navigating a complex legal landscape.


Documents Migrated

Legacy documents effortlessly converted into smart, searchable digital assets.


Languages Supported

Real-time translation and localization, facilitating global communication.


First, Pergamon gathers instruction manuals from various sources and formats, sucking in all the messy documents like a vacuum cleaner. Then, it structures and organizes them into a clean, accessible format.


With content structured within Pergamon, anyone can generate new technical documents using the validated content.

Users can rely on the integrated LLM writing assistant to add missing content effortlessly. Yes, even Rambo could write user manuals!


Publish documents in multiple formats, such as Indesign, PDF, XML or HTML. 

Or instead of reading a user manual, the user can use a chatbot via text, voice, or video and get instant answers in real-time.



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